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Saturday, September 19, 2015

KIIP Korean Program: Keep It Interesting People

After two years of studying the Korean Immigration and Integration Program (or KIIP for short), I've decided to bite the bullet and create an actual resource for others who are studying for this exam.

For a long time I've just left little notes mixed into my drama at chasingmytale.blogspot.com with links to useful information, however, I couldn't figure out what I could personally add the conversation until recently, when I discovered I can animate the process.

For me, studying Korean isn't just about understanding the words and grammar, but also about developing pattern recognition so I can process information at speed.  This is due in large part the my life long struggle with Dyslexia.  Animation helps me to visualize how all the pieces come apart and then fit back together. It trains my brain so see each detail more clearly.

So this what you will find here.  Simple, easy, active sentences with words and grammar whizzing about.  If I'm struggling with using a grammar point, I create one of these videos and watch it on repeat until my brain easy constructs the thought.

Hopefully many of you will also find this short videos help you pick up speed and enjoy Korean a little more each day.